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OLIVER GROSZER - The Cat on the stage


Taking the world off its hinges, simply ignoring its laws, performing magic with gravity - if you can do all that, it can become addictive. When Oliver Groszer juggles his clubs and balls, he has his feet firmly on the ground, but his art has swept many an audience off theirs. This young man compels objects to obey his will, leaving the spectator no time to work out what is happening. The balls roll up and down him, along his arms, down his back, over his head and into the nape of his neck. I could describe it all. How he lifts his foot. How the little silver teaspoon flies through the air and lands on his forehead. But how he makes the spoon stand on its end, as though it were glued to his head, is something that defies description.

The cigarette trick. One of the most difficult challenges a human being has devised to test his sense of balance. What other juggler would dare to finish on such a risky note? Main lights off. Spotlight on. Drum roll. Then silence. Quieter than morning prayers at a monastery. He throws a cigarette behind his back, over his shoulder, and catches it in his mouth, to a crash of the cymbals. The same happens to a lighted match. Crash! Just a slight movement of the head is all it takes, and already the flame is touching the tip of the cigarette. Crash! Oliver Groszer takes a deep puff and smiles.